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I present to you my small compilation of small business ideas one can start with little money or no money here in Nigeria.

It is not guaranteed that you will become rich doing any of these businesses just because I said profitable but for the enterprising folks that pick any of them and chooses to be diligent and resourceful, I believe the sky will be the limit for that person whether or not the business is small scale or on a part time basis. By the way there are many more ideas one could come up with so good luck with your search.

I have compiled this list for those who are looking for a means of livelihood or better yet are working but are looking for an alternative source of income. All the best as you pursue your small business.

1. Proposal writing

2. Real Estate Agency

3. Information Marketing

4. Blogging

5. Web publishing

6. Selling Fruits

7. Baking confectioneries

8. Selling honey

9. Home tutoring

10. Freelance marketing

11. Freelance writing

12. E-books publishing

13. Affiliate marketing

14. Crafts business

15. Bead making

16. Weight loss classes

17. Exercise Instructor

18. Party Planner

19. Business plan writer

20. Business broker

21. Aerobics Classes

22. Carpet Cleaning and car washing

23. Corporate Cleaning Services

24. Computer instructor

25. Dance Instructor

26. Graphic Designer

27. Web designer

28. Computer programmer

29. Computer Repairs

30. Mobile Phone Repairs

31. Charging of car and phone batteries

32. Time management consultant

33. Cooking service

34. Cosmetic sales

35. Dating Service

36. Directory Publisher

37. Editor

38. Email marketing

39. Employment Agency

40. Event Management

41. Event Planner

42. Fruit Selling e.g Apple, Pineapple etc

43. Export Agent

44. Ezine Publishing

45. Facialist

46. Hair Stylist

47. Beautician

48. Make-up Artistry

49. Freelance photographer

50. Ghost writer

51. Greeting cards designer

52. Food Delivery service

53. Home made story books

54. You tube Videos

55. Information broker

56. Infopreneur

57. Internet marketing

58. Internet service provider

59. Internet recruiting

60. Interpreter/translator

61. Foreign Language Teacher

62. Mailing list service

63. Market research

64. Monogramming

65. Music lessons

66. Nanny Service

67. Online internet training

68. Painting

69. Payroll service

70. Martial arts instructor

71. Pet training

72. Selling Pet products

73. Proof reader

74. Public Relations Agency

75. Public/Motivational Speaker

76. Reporter

77. CV/Resume Writing service

78. Self Improvement Seminars

79. Self Publishing

80. Song writer

81. Teaching

82. Technical Writer

83. Telephone Answering service

84. Tour Guide

85. Travel Agency

86. Scholarship and Overseas Study consultant

87. Typing service

88. Mobile supermarket

89. Writing press releases

90. SMS marketing

91. Excursion Service

92. Holiday Camp

93. Video game Center

94. Viewing Center

95. Day care center

96. Car wash service

97. Selling chilled Zobo Drinks

98. Youghurt

99. Home Business Center

100. School Dropping and picking service
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Umoh Moses

Full analysis of Best Business ideas In the nigera


Jaylon Neot said...

According to me the people who are having business in the internet are still flourishing well. There is a lot of depression in the world wide market. By the way these all information is great. Everything is perfect in this post.

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ratedKG said...

I learnt about the importance of writing with correct grammar and how to make money from writing by buying an reading Rob Colville's "Words to Riches."

Rigoberto Stokes said...

Its always a great idea to start a business so you can finance yourself and your family. There is a difference between needs and wants, and a person will always buy their needs first like food, clothes and shelter. It is also a great idea to advertise your business through webinars, teaching people first, then showcasing your products in the end. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership.

Jimmy devson said...

In my opinion working online is a great small business model if you want to go on that way. You can start your own online business easily and earn lots of money without any investment.
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Anonymous said...

nice post. starting an online biz is cost effective and it could be done by anybody that want to learn the rope. Tj


have you thought of the oil sector which allows for free marketing n deals...what of vitual assistant.

Anonymous said...

Pls is dere any petty business u can add to cosmetics business dat will also fetch gud money?. Pls make a list 4 me.

Anonymous said...

Pls suggest lists of business under cosmetic lines?.

Anonymous said...

For those that want to start a cosmetic business,you can key into the FM GROUP business opportunity.the start up capital is small.You become a distributor of perfumes,make up and home me on for more details.

Ose said...

Wow! Lots of business ideas to start with. There is no excuse for any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to turn wishes to realities.

Anonymous said...

Meaningful, for those that are interested in food delivery business,you can contact me on; 08032911575,

Cindy Michelles said...

These list can be of great help for those who are still seeking answers on how to start small business. Starting a business requires a lot of diligence and resourcefulness in order to be successful. This can a useful idea to start with business.

MySMSnaija said...

Good info!

Anonymous said...

great info. for me i want a biz idea i can start on part time as am a full time worker. i dont want to quit my job and i dont want the business to interfere with my job.

Anonymous said...

I am also a full time worker and desires to start my own business. What to start with minimal capital has become an issue for me

Paul Onwueme said...

You're a thief! This article was lifted from my blog word for word without you doing any editing. Let me add, you're a lazy thief!

argho bappa said...

Good domain name It is very important that you choose the domain name for your small business web design

Tatiana Tanji said...

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Business Research said...

These kind of articles are always attractive and I am happy to find so many good point here in the post, writing is simply great, thanks for sharing..

Mercy Okpubigho said...

Thanks for your article. I am very good in helping people make money using No. 12, 34 and 56. People should create many source of income. If you want to make additonal income, have some one in the field you love teach you.

Ifiokobong said...

Thank you for this great list of business ideas. They are very practical and particularly, I like real estate business because it has near zero loss percent after investment. I strongly recommend real estate business for anybody in Nigeria.
Thank and Keep it up



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